Fruit Bowl Still in Rod Webb Manner

Bowl of FruitsThe story behind this little number is, I wanted to try my hand at a watercolor painting and decided to try this one after visiting Rod Webb’s website. I was quite happy with the results considering the medium of watercolor is not my forte. So impressed I was that I contacted Rod and showed him the painting. The following is what he wrote back:

Thanks for sending your painting. Its excellent, great tonal range
of values, good colour mixing. Love the shine on your apple. Would
love to think it was my lesson that helped acheive the result but I
can see you are a natural for the medium. Frame it and hang it with
Happy painting,
Above all to thine ownself be true”

[Website url removed].

I ended up giving the original to a close friend who thanked me by giving me 2 Giclee prints of the original work, one of which I gave as a gift to friends in Europe, the other I’m listing here. This Limited Edition print of the original work was digitally transferred on to an 18 x 24 inch watercolor paper. There is a slight tear, about ½ an inch in the upper left-hand portion of the print (see image above-right). Tear does not show if print is matted and framed. The print has been thoroughly inspected by myself before signing to ensure it is true to my original vision. This Giclee reproduction is limited to only 2. Your print will be signed and numbered on the lower-right front directly below the original signature.

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