About the Artist

Artist Joan A Brown

Joan A Brown is a Contemporary Visual Artist who grew up in Alberta, Canada, where her artistic talent was recognized and encouraged at a young age. Joan had a typical school experience, her favourite classes being any that allowed her to express herself drawing, painting landscapes, flower paintings, watercolor and other suchlike subjects. She accepted her first award for honours in art near the end of her sixth year of school and commenced her professional career as a graphic designer in 1998 before concentrating regularly on oil paintings in the spring of 2003.

As a self-taught artist, she uses her photographic memory and life experiences to produce vibrant, realistic paintings of mountains, paintings of water (lakes, rivers, etc.) and flower paintings. She especially enjoys painting the Canadian landscapes. This picturesque environment directly inspires much of her work, while other pieces are depictions of her various travels in other parts of the world. She held her first solo show in Senigallia, Italy in 2003. Joan sees a collection of her paintings worldwide through various painting auctions and currently resides in the Toronto area.