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November 2014



Having and displaying confidence is not about making others feel as though they are beneath you or that you are better than …

A New Day

It’s A New Day

When it comes to this particular painting, there is so much history and emotions associated with this painting that I have titled, …

Cone Nebulae

What she said…

A few months ago I discovered visual quoting on one of my many social media escapades. After reading several of these visual …

Give to Receive

Give to Recieve

If you find that you are not Receiving, it could mean an Attitude adjustment is needed. Try Giving without expecting anything back …

Luck? Not!

Luck? – Not!

I do not believe in “Luck”. I never have… Luck/Chance has nothing to do with anything. You simply reap whatever it is …



The language of chemistry is uniquely powerful. Those in possession of it need not speak it verbally. It expresses a person’s innermost …

The Guarantee

The Guarantee

Want a guaranteed positive day? Spend it with someone who love and appreciates you. – Joan A Brown

Gratitude is Everything

I’ve learned — not everyone you help will appreciate the help they receive. The motive behind giving must simple be out of …

Genuine Friends

A Genuine Friend is never jealous of you. When you succeed it makes them feel as though they too have succeeded. – …

Mind of the Artist

Mind of the Artist

No one truly understands the mind of an artist, except the mind of an artist. – Joan A Brown